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Explainer Spokesperson Videos 

Do you have an app, product or service that you would like to explaimn about to your potential customers? Explainer spokesperson videos are the ideal solution. A short video communicating all of the information about your product which the customer needs to make a purchase decision can be packaged into an explainer video. This is perfect for landing pages.

Explainer Spokesperson videos can be tailored to the specifics of your product or sevice. You can choose from a veriety of professional background images and we can add in images of your product, screen captures of your website, software or app and much more. Our spokesperson presenters can even wear your branded clothing.

Our professional film crew wil shoot your video in a commercial green screen studio with state of the art audio, lighting and video equipment to ensure the highest possible standards in sound and vision.

All of our explainer spokesperson videos include green screen spokesperson video with a choice of background, background music, text overlays, company logos, optional stock footage and are delivered in Full HD. 

Give your landing page the ideal tool for making sales. Order your explainer video today.



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