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White Screen Spokesperson Video 

White Screen spokesperson videos are simple, clean and effective. If you want the audience to be drawn into the content of the script without any distractions, white screen videos are a great choice. Big names like Apple use white screen spokesperson videos regularly in there product launces and Q&As. 

White screen videos can be shot in a standard spokesperson-to-camera set up or the now popular interview style with the spokesperson talking to a person or point of view off camera.

As we shoot our videos in a green screen video procuction studio, the ite background can be adjusted to suit your project. From bright white to the classic apple vignette look, we can customize your video to get the exact look you require..

It doesn't have to be purely white. We can add in graphics, text overlays and background music. 

White screen videos have a very professional, polished appearance which is great for building your brand's authority.



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