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Spokesperson Videos
From just $45. 

Welcome to Screen Promos. If you need a promotional video for your business, product or brand,  Spokesperson Videos are the ideal solution. We produce engaging videos in full HD or 4k that are ideal for commercials, websites intros, social media ads, explainers and product demos. Just choose your spokesperson presenter and package below, upload your script and let our professional video production team create an amazing video for you.


Choose your spokesperson.

We have a variety of presenters available. Their names are desplayed in the example videos below. You can also choose their attire.


Choose your background.

You can select a background from the options on the order page, or you can upload your own. 


Upload your script and logo.

Send us your script and optional company logo. You can also send text to be displayed at the bottom of the video.

Recent Client Videos

If you would like to see an example of a different type of spokesperson video not shown here, just get in touch.

Spokesperson Presenters

Why buy a Spokesperson Video from Screen Promos?

Video is the number one marketing media online. Video receives more likes, views, comments, shares and posts than any other form of media. 85% of all Americans watch video content daily.

Host Anywhere

Publish your custom made video anywhere online. Full commercial rights are included.

High Definition Video

Your video will be delivered in full HD or 4K so will look good on any screen size from phone to cinema.

Screen Promos Videos

FREE Promotion

Optional free promotion for your videos accross all of our social media platforms online. 

Build an audience

Use your spokesperson videos to promote your business, product or brand to a wider audience over social media platforms.

  1. A PROFESSIONAL TEAM - Your video will be produced by a team with over 15 years experience in video production. Excellent communication throughout. All of our Bristish spokesperson presenters are fully trained. Not just talking heads, our actors engage with your audience.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - 3 step online ordering - Just choose your spokesperson actor, choose your background and send us your script. Want to include some of your own photos / logos or videos, no problem, we can add them in at no extra cost.
  3. FREE MOBILE FORMAT - We can provide square or portrait format versions of your  video as an additional extra at no extra cost. These are ideal for social media platforms such as Facebook and instagram.
  4. FREE STOCK FOOTAGE - We can add upto 5 stock footage clips to your video for free. just let us know the type of clips you require and we can send over the options.
  5. FREE PROMOTION - If you would like extra promotion for your video, we will promote your video accross all of our social media websites for FREE. Send us a link to your websites or contact details and we will include those too. Great for search engine optimisation.


Video formated for social media platforms and mobile devices is now essential. The majority of all internet browsing is performed on a mobile device and Screen Promos offer mobile optimized videos as standard.

Subtitle Captions

Many consumers view videos on mobile devices without sound. We offer embedded and non-embedded subtitling options.

Mobile Friendly

We offer free mobile optimized versions in square or landscape format at no aditional cost.

Host Anywhere

Our videos can be posted and hosted on all hosting sites including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo.

Spokesperson Videos Social Media
$ 45

upto 100 words

Includes spokesperson video with background, text overly, logo, licensed stock footage and background music. Professionally edited and delivered in HD within 7 days

Need it faster than 7 days? Add express delivery at checkout.  

$ 95

upto 500 words

Includes spokesperson video with background, text overly, logo, licensed stock footage and background music. Professionally edited and delivered in HD within 7 days.

Need it faster than 7 days? Add express delivery at checkout. 

$ 145

upto 1000 words

Includes spokesperson video with background, text overly, logo, licensed stock footage and background music. Professionally edited and delivered in HD within 7 days.

Need it faster than 7 days? Add express delivery at checkout. 

Types of videos we create

Demo Videos

Demo videos showcase how your product works — whether that's taking viewers on a tour of your software and how it can be used or unboxing and putting a physical product to the test.

Brand Video

The goal of brand videos is to build awareness around your company and introduce your target audience to your products and services.

Website Intros

Video is a great way to introduce new visitors to your website. A friendly face can make your customers feel at home and the video can also exlain how to use your site.

Facebook Youtube and Instagram Ads

Short video ads for social media which can be product commercials, calls to action, news and information or entertainment

Instructional videos & Courses

Used to educate your audience. This can be in the form or a paid course or free content aimed at building an audience.

Explainer Videos

Great for after sales service. Videos can be a great way to explain hot to use your products and services.

News Videos

For delivering news and updates to your customers or within your company.

Personalized Messages

Send a birthday message, congratulate a staff member. Personalized message videos can add a human touch to messages.

Green Screen Actors

Ideal for sorts and feature films. We shoot on green screen to easily intergrate the footage into your project.


We pride ouselves on the quality of our work and customer satisfaction. 

"Fantastic job with executing a video for my beauty brand. They even demonstrated my products in the video. The speaker was professional in the video. I will order again in the future."

Green Glow Glamour

"Every time a perfect outcome, best film producers / spokespeople on the net. Will Continue to Use."

Law Med Solicitors

"Perfect Service, Perfect Video. Delivery faster than scheduled. Thank you"

PRS Recuitment

"I can't praise this enough! Excellent work. Top marks. Will use again. Highly recommended. Extremely good price."

Catering Insurance


There is no catch. We run a professional video production house with 4 video studios. Our production system is extremely efficient. The high demand for professional video marketting content means that we can pass on the economies of scale discount.

Yes, all rights are transfered to you upon delivery of the video. You will own the video content outright meaning that you can use the video in any way even for commercial use as a product.

If we make a mistake in the video we offer a free revision. If the mistake is in the script it's self and the script editing option has not been purchased, a re-shoot will need to be re-purchased. 

A spokesperson video is a video presented by an actor to deliver your message directy to camera. This type of video is typically used to promote a business, product or brand. A spokesperson video can also be used to create an explainer video, website intro or product demonstration.

A spokesperson gives your brand a human point of contact. Spokesperson videos are highly engaging and help to build trust and credibility for your business, product or brand. 


Contact us now to discuss your project.

How can Spokesperson Videos help your business?

In every way! We can produce videos to welcome new visitors to your website, videos to introduce your existing costomers to new products or services. We can create engaging social media ads to drastically increase engagement and conversions. Spokesperson Videos can be embeded into emails to keep existing customers up to date with your current offers. We can produce videos to be used internally at your company for updates and news - which is especially useful in an emergency situation when a human response is better than written word. We can produce explainer videos for your products and services. The video can even be your product - for courses, training and even entertainment.

Is video marketing effective?

Not only is it effective, it's becoming essential. google describe video content as 'indespensible." 

85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices (Statista, 2018). 25-34 year olds watched the most online videos. This is increasing daily. In Saudi Arabia and Turkey, 95% of all their internet users watch online video content on any device during any given month. 

Damand for video content is increasing. 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot, 2018).

With the tendency to skip parts of audio and written content, video is consistantly the highest engaging media content on the internet. Successful brands utilize video content on a daily basis to meet demand and expand their exposure.

87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl, 2019).

Videos incluence consumers decisions. Based on the 2018 State of Social Video Marketer Trends report, 73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision. 

Our fully trained Bristish Spokesperson Presenters are more than just website talking heads, they can help increase profits and ROI, increase your brand awareness and grow your audience. From church announcements to videos courses, our spokesperson videos are the perfect solution.



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